Who Am I to Say?

Who am I to say? To name something, to place a value, to determine anything at all about what’s taking place here. Here in this life, on this sphere. I don’t think we can. I cannot. These thoughts and terms, our simple human reactions. They are so silly sometimes. To experience. To face later. To … Continue reading Who Am I to Say?


Willingness to reach. Capacity. Witnessing. I’ve been thinking about friendship. Relationships. They take effort. Ideally not at the expense of oneself, but maybe sometimes outside of comfort. Imagine reaching one hand outside of one’s own awareness to receive or make a bid. A connection. A high five. Reaching out. A stretch is more than a … Continue reading Reach

Holding on

HONESTLY…I can’t breathe very well today and I can’t tell if there’s more smoke in my house, or my glasses are just really dirty, or if the light is filtered by the haze and making an optical illusion in here. All three. It’s all three. My unrelenting headache lets me know it’s really bad, and … Continue reading Holding on


Sitting with many emotions these days. Things coming and going, bubbling up and occasionally spilling over. It’s been a summer of loss. Two women from different families, who will not be able to hug their sisters again. Two moms who each left a legacy of laughter and striving in spite of adversity. Mentors and friends. … Continue reading Tending