Channel it, yo

The last 2 weeks have been riddled with large and significant stresses.  Messy gifts from the universe.  In their wake(s), I am learning that no matter how much comes, I can handle it.  I am capable.  Might I sit down on the floor for a minute and spoon sunflower butter into my mouth while I … Continue reading Channel it, yo


One of those “moments” in parenting happened to me this morning…the ones you wait for quietly, all the while hoping they just won’t.  I’ve wondered which ones will arrive, but it’s tough to imagine anything other than joy and wonder could ever land on either of my children.  Knowing better, the minute I laid eyes … Continue reading Guts.

Growing up

We need to stop wishing others were different, and start appreciating our differences. We can appreciate differences when we try to understand what good may come from them, rather than becoming distracted at how they may be harmful to our own way. Continue reading Growing up