Just right

You’re doing good work.  You’ll never be perfect.  You are amazing just as you are.  You are building something worthwhile.  My writing brain sang these words as I ran home from the office tonight, to wrap my kids up in big mommy hugs.  They are the words I would write, in a holiday note, to … Continue reading Just right


Every minute, of every day, I am consumed by the needs of others.  I am a mom, which I am deeply grateful to be, and I am a caregiver by both nature and profession.  In the evening, after both kiddos are tucked safely, I turn off and sort of go away.  I don’t go anywhere … Continue reading Thankful.


They’re always more than a dog; simple in their ways and forever in the moment.  The week before Tanner died, he didn’t eat.  His belly slowly filled with fluid, and there was a mass on his spleen.  We don’t know what it was, only that he was overcome by it, despite his determination to stay … Continue reading Tanner