One of those “moments” in parenting happened to me this morning…the ones you wait for quietly, all the while hoping they just won’t.  I’ve wondered which ones will arrive, but it’s tough to imagine anything other than joy and wonder could ever land on either of my children.  Knowing better, the minute I laid eyes … Continue reading Guts.

Growing up

We need to stop wishing others were different, and start appreciating our differences. We can appreciate differences when we try to understand what good may come from them, rather than becoming distracted at how they may be harmful to our own way. Continue reading Growing up

This little minute

We had beautiful friends, old and new, over to our house to celebrate the solstice.  The children were happy and fussy and everything children should be.  The parents were happy and funny and everything parents should be. There was nothing about it that was not lovely.  I am grateful, for my family, these people, and … Continue reading This little minute

A jacket

I bought a long Patagonia down jacket.  It’s red.  I live in Central Oregon.  There are too many jokes about this to even get started.  Suffice it to say it’s quite cliche.  In light of my recent blog about being frugal, I will share it was in a resale store, hanging there all pretty and … Continue reading A jacket