I started the day with the very best snuggle.  Little girl snuck into our room, peeked at us with eyebrows lifted and sweet smile, and said, “I want a mommy and daddy snuggle.”  She crawled into “big bed” and she wiggle-fit herself perfectly into the space my arms and legs make. She nuzzled her face … Continue reading Protector

A Wild Place

I smiled at a woman standing on the corner, smoking, and she flipped me off.  One heartbeat later I felt like a narcissist, viewing myself though her eyes, computing the gesture through her mind, “what the f are you smiling at, you Subaru driving b****?”  It utterly bummed me out, but it made me think: … Continue reading A Wild Place


First, my dis-claim-er:  This is not an attempt to justify or perpetuate.  It’s an attempt to understand.  Maybe with that – if we shift toward trying to understand why we do what we do, and stop condemning it while shamefully continuing it, we can peck our way out, back to screen-free freedom.  Yes, this is … Continue reading Sneaking.

Channel it, yo

The last 2 weeks have been riddled with large and significant stresses.  Messy gifts from the universe.  In their wake(s), I am learning that no matter how much comes, I can handle it.  I am capable.  Might I sit down on the floor for a minute and spoon sunflower butter into my mouth while I … Continue reading Channel it, yo