With care

Like our skin, we wear a need for stories.  Not fantastic, imagination-fueling works of art, but the kind of stories that have a job.  They are what we wrap ourselves in to feel more secure – a way to put words onto something – to help life make sense. We place them on our children, … Continue reading With care


Lean In.  I am so happy this dialogue is taking place.  That said, I have not read the book, and I’m not going to.  I don’t want to.  If I am going to take the brain power and time to read a book, I would like it to have nothing, AT ALL, to do with … Continue reading Leaning.

9 years

Kids are asleep.  House is a mess.  We’ve hardly been here this summer.  Our dear, dear friend has gone home after an impromptu visit.  I love when people visit.  It feels more like real life to me, not the numbed out, “finances are too tight to buy a kayak” kind of life.  You know, real/real … Continue reading 9 years

Sweet Mama

Emotions are messy.  You could choose to look at it that way; but we are emotional beings.  Last night, I drank three glasses of wine – extremely rare for me these days – and cried on Pinterest.  Laughing is permissible here. Since I work in the marshes where emotions have become stuck, or else helping … Continue reading Sweet Mama