They’re always more than a dog; simple in their ways and forever in the moment.  The week before Tanner died, he didn’t eat.  His belly slowly filled with fluid, and there was a mass on his spleen.  We don’t know what it was, only that he was overcome by it, despite his determination to stay … Continue reading Tanner

the elusive now

I am young and healthy, and soon will be forty.  I feel tired, so I have removed myself from some of the cumbersome social media in favor of clinging to exercise and presence, and to keep writing. I’m tired because Cole’s wakefulness pounces on the 2 and 5 am hours, and then I work, where, … Continue reading the elusive now

tiny round prince

This morning, the filtered sun highlighted my deeply abiding love for the tiny prince.  I hoisted him, higher than usual, and immediately was gifted with the most disarming perspective shift.  Perched on his throne – delicious, countless circles.  Soft bubblegum with a rosy glow, and eyes beaming as he tilted his head up to look even … Continue reading tiny round prince

Warm Sweet Wind

Today I sat in my daughter’s small, love-stuffed bedroom, amidst toys too numerous to count, while she was away at school.  Drawn to her dress up trunk, I knelt humbly and emptied its contents one treasured article at a time.  Once surrounded, a smile danced over me.  I opened up inside, reuniting with the part … Continue reading Warm Sweet Wind

Wily Coyote

From May of 2011 I can’t seem to stop crying these last few days.  Everything feels icky and I can’t enjoy the things that are not icky.  (Yes, there is an overgeneralization here and of course, logically, there cannot be things that are NOT icky if EVERYTHING is icky.  But everything feels icky!)  I am spread like … Continue reading Wily Coyote


We have 2 children, 2 dogs, and 3 chickens.  The yard is a series of lovely surprises tucked here and there – herbs and berries, veggies and flora.  In the house, the typical and never ending tasks and maintenance stare me down.  The recycling overflows and the compost rots.  The 2 dogs fill the house … Continue reading Home