Warm Sweet Wind

Today I sat in my daughter’s small, love-stuffed bedroom, amidst toys too numerous to count, while she was away at school.  Drawn to her dress up trunk, I knelt humbly and emptied its contents one treasured article at a time.  Once surrounded, a smile danced over me.  I opened up inside, reuniting with the part … Continue reading Warm Sweet Wind

Wily Coyote

From May of 2011 I can’t seem to stop crying these last few days.  Everything feels icky and I can’t enjoy the things that are not icky.  (Yes, there is an overgeneralization here and of course, logically, there cannot be things that are NOT icky if EVERYTHING is icky.  But everything feels icky!)  I am spread like … Continue reading Wily Coyote


We have 2 children, 2 dogs, and 3 chickens.  The yard is a series of lovely surprises tucked here and there – herbs and berries, veggies and flora.  In the house, the typical and never ending tasks and maintenance stare me down.  The recycling overflows and the compost rots.  The 2 dogs fill the house … Continue reading Home


I didn’t vote for Barack Obama because of: my race my religion my gender or sexuality my feelings on taxation my health care needs my partisanship my job/career/employment future my right to manage my own body, as a woman my fears I voted for him because I have young children and these things need to … Continue reading Gobama.