Sweet Mama

Emotions are messy.  You could choose to look at it that way; but we are emotional beings.  Last night, I drank three glasses of wine – extremely rare for me these days – and cried on Pinterest.  Laughing is permissible here. Since I work in the marshes where emotions have become stuck, or else helping … Continue reading Sweet Mama


It takes less than one heartbeat for a life to change forever.  What happens next is all about us, because no matter what is going on – whether it be terrible, mundane, or beautiful – the way we respond lends meaning.  From the outside, people will make assumptions or judge our reactions; it’s human nature.  Some … Continue reading Brave

Fabricating Joy

We speak of joy.  It’s the treasure that sparkles in the distance. Have joy, Seek joy, Allow joy All of these are good, solid mantras, though if you’ve spent any significant amount of time curled up with deep and dim sadness, or its friend, empty heaviness, they are just words.  We polish them over in the mind, or mouth them … Continue reading Fabricating Joy


I started the day with the very best snuggle.  Little girl snuck into our room, peeked at us with eyebrows lifted and sweet smile, and said, “I want a mommy and daddy snuggle.”  She crawled into “big bed” and she wiggle-fit herself perfectly into the space my arms and legs make. She nuzzled her face … Continue reading Protector

A Wild Place

I smiled at a woman standing on the corner, smoking, and she flipped me off.  One heartbeat later I felt like a narcissist, viewing myself though her eyes, computing the gesture through her mind, “what the f are you smiling at, you Subaru driving b****?”  It utterly bummed me out, but it made me think: … Continue reading A Wild Place