Small Victories

Singsong trickery is my finest parenting tool.  I can make a song about any single thing, at any moment.  The other night, I was singing to my little feverish son, comfortably charming him toward sleep, when he turned toward me and coughed into my open mouth. What does true love feel like? Lots of things, … Continue reading Small Victories

Big Sib Dig

Santa always brings a couple big bad puzzles, and right now, the final 2014 puzzle is almost complete.  Riley’s been working it over and has completed about 80% of it, with some help from dad.  We’ve taken great care to ensure no puzzle pieces fall onto the floor, where our senile and visually impaired dog … Continue reading Big Sib Dig

Working Girl

I try to write about my relationship with work carefully.  My patients are, after all, people out there in the real world.  And I am, oddly, just a person out in the real world.  And, well, patients may come across my blog.  Hmm.  Plus, writing means putting on some brave anyway.  It’s a little scary. … Continue reading Working Girl

A new year

“Try to rid the world of weeds, and see how quickly you rid yourself of peace.”  These words fluttered free when I was walking Riley home from school on Friday.  My mind took it from there, with a number of things filling in for “weeds.” Of course there are dandelions, and the like.  There are … Continue reading A new year