Long before we give in to change, a little part of us is whispering the truth, telling us what it already knows.  The pants don’t fit any longer; the relationship is over; this work does not bring joy.  This is not where you want to be. The story leaks out in little avoidances.  Things pile … Continue reading Resolve

Square up.

It’s filling our mouths—far past what we can take.  We are choking up reactions, and carefully constructed bias, and scratching at each other, when we should be scratching for the too-elusive truths.  It’s an election year. With social media, comment-warring, adrenaline wasting, and clenched jaws, we take it too far.  They, with their manipulative, divisive campaigns, take it … Continue reading Square up.


Restless nights.  Something wants to come free.  It can’t.  There is writing to do.  The stories, not mine. Tonight I am holding hands with a friend far away, in the midst of the most uninsulated bravery, and waiting, waiting.  All glamour removed.  Interminable, excruciating. And here too, unrest.  Waiting for seeds, carefully planted, to push through.  No … Continue reading Between

Rest Well

I am home with my daughter today, because she’s got the sickies.  We’ve had just one week of health since our last go round with dastardly organisms.  She is playing quietly and I am sitting here waiting for the french press to finish making its goodness, planning how we will rest today. These early years … Continue reading Rest Well

For the Love

I always thought holidays were great.  I was never one to get caught up in the fuss of projections pinned onto them (or everything, for that matter), I just enjoyed them.  All of them.  Shamelessly, innocently. When I married a stoic, a gentle and handsome and intellectual stoic, I went into hiding.  I have remained, more … Continue reading For the Love