Come on in

When we are too                   (something), we might find ourselves living in mess.  (We, as in, all of us, and we, as in, my little family.)  We hunker down in our messes.  We need to.  We keep people out, or we scurry and shove the mess into … Continue reading Come on in

The smallest steps count

Step out of coziness and pursue discomfort, on purpose.  Try something new, even if it’s not fancy.  Push into the “I wants,” and the “I wishes.”  Be extravagant and brazen, and leave complacency behind. Maybe, though, there is one more thing we need to leave behind, and that is misery.  Suffering and sorrow are piece and … Continue reading The smallest steps count

Soft cloth

Dust settles.  It settles and settles and settles. And then, when it has settled, we may step in, and peer carefully. In our own time, we can pick up the softest cloth, and set about polishing. Clearing the surface of that which still, beneath it all, remains. Returning its own, indomitable lustre. Continue reading Soft cloth

Small things

Life is feeling different.  Rolling and rolling, gently, through so much change.  Not change, like money, because that would be awesome. Today is the day after mother’s day.  It is Monday.  I went to work for a short bit, taught toddler yoga, made my brain organize itself by doing some counting and order-type tasks, and soothed … Continue reading Small things

This Day

Happy Mother’s Day.  Happy Meow-ther’s Day.  Happy Man-ther’s Day.  Happy Mutt-ther’s Day.  Well, I could go on and on and on.  This day is for celebrating Mothering, in whatever form it appears.  Full of sweet.  Full of sorrow.  Full of truth. I worked in pediatric oncology.  Happy Memories Day to all of you who I … Continue reading This Day


My writing talks when I’m in the car…and lately, my monthly excursions to Portland, to deepen my relationship with yoga, place me in the car a lot.  On one of those drives, I was *actually* driving into the fog, over the mountain pass, with these words of the visual and what I was feeling. Layers on layers of green, all … Continue reading Purpose

…about Holstee

I was fortunate to have my writing published in Holstee’s Mindful Matter publication this month.  I wanted to share what drove me to submit my writing to Holstee, and why I feel their work is important. Most people who already know them, know their manifesto.  Though it was released in 2009, it crossed my husband’s desk last … Continue reading …about Holstee