Stop it

My sister (the baby) went to one of those social painting nights.  She, like so many of us, has clutched the idea that she’s not an artistic person.  It is protection against the nakedness of making something our own wee selves, and then letting the judgmental eyes of others land on it.  But she went, and she … Continue reading Stop it


I am learning something new as I creep toward middle age; you know, the yoga thing.  I’m learning to teach yoga, and unfortunately I don’t take anything lightly.  It’s not the overachiever’s curse this time, it’s the fact that I’ve woken up from a deep sleep, and I’m hungry.  I think the story is supposed to … Continue reading Kindergarten


I’ve not met one parent who doesn’t get it.  This one thing, so powerful, but just as earnestly – how?  Some days, the noise blasting holes in my brain simply won’t let me, and on those days it is most important to crawl over the wasteland and show up anyway. Today, little girl had carefully marked … Continue reading Listen

Yelling Buddha

A New Archetype:  When I am not a shanti ninja, I am the opposite.  I am The Yelling Buddha.  The Yelling Buddha came to me one day and liberated me from the modern expectations showered upon my gender and generation.  That sweet day, time came to a screeching halt when it dawned on me that Buddha did not have … Continue reading Yelling Buddha

Sweet melody

Making eggs for breakfast, bedhead in check for work, and little girl is in the other room playing the most soulful piano music.  I’m ready to burst from too much to do, too little time to do it, and needing to make some changes fast.  The kids got themselves dressed today; inches of freedom are right … Continue reading Sweet melody


There are times when it’s too hard, and the light just can not shine out of our upturned faces.  Times when we can not even lift our hand, let alone reach out, answer a call, or be joy.  There are funks, depressions, and suckfests.  Then, there are times of rest. As I grow up/up/up, I … Continue reading Hibernation