Kindness Is Not A Choice; It’s An Action

Teach your children. Teach your friends. Teach your parents. Remind yourselves. Kindness is not magic. It’s not a feeling. It’s not something you contemplate in order to feel better about yourself. Compassion and caring are feelings. Kind words and kind acts comprise kindness. Kindness is risk taking, and kindness is bravery. Sometimes kindness feels so different and maybe even … Continue reading Kindness Is Not A Choice; It’s An Action


It is not respect for the vulnerable, the powerful, or those in between; it is respect for yourself. It is not love for your family, your pets, your clientele, or your friends; it is love for yourself. It is not patience with those outside of you; it is patience with and for yourself. Personal devotion … Continue reading Patience

Like Water

Her words fall softly on my ears, like water lapping at the shore. I’ve heard her before. Different, but very much the same. Her decisions to parent the way she wanted to didn’t work for the baby. Or they didn’t work for her. They didn’t work. She’s got some thing she made up, her parenting. … Continue reading Like Water