Pandemic Curation #6

The novelty’s worn off, right? The boredom, frustration and feeling trapped; the compulsions, the freeze response; the conspiracy theories and paranoia. The roller coaster continues. Yesterday I hit my first doldrum. Overdue, I might add. I pulled the blankets over my head for an extra hour and felt grateful my kids are old enough to … Continue reading Pandemic Curation #6

Pandemic Curation #4

I’m so excited by some of the things coming out of my mouth today that I can’t wait to jump in. But first, the news is full of new personal stories and sad, frightening new understandings of this virus every morning. Business owners and families are struggling with the financial impact. And some business owners … Continue reading Pandemic Curation #4

For Every

“The quote that is normally attributed to the writer ANAÏS NIN, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” is also a Talmudic idea about dream analysis: People can only dream about things they have encountered or thought about, and so their dreams consist not of reality — whatever that is — … Continue reading For Every

Pandemic Curation

I’m noticing a lot of good stuff we are collectively curating is being flung out so fast that the social media algorithms are not able to get it out as efficiently as possible. Instead of making many individual posts on Facebook or other outlets, I decided to start curating lists here from time to time. … Continue reading Pandemic Curation

Staying Connected

Most of us have underlying things going on. Attachment dysregulation, depression, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorders and the like. Some of us were barely holding on before all of this. Some people are feeling ok. Others have just had the volume turned to 11. We may be swinging back and forth between these. Some … Continue reading Staying Connected