There are things we all want to believe and Believe In. We want to, and I would argue need to, believe in one another…that we are all bringing the very best we have to give to each encounter. That is our unicorn story; that our highest selves are the ones we bring to our parenting, our … Continue reading Inconvenient


I struggle with Western adaptations of yoga. I practice yoga in the West. I teach yoga in the West. I live my life in symbiosis with something that is so clearly laced with painful complexity, that sometimes I can’t breathe. Ha ha. Get it? I feel it is wrong when Western teachers adapt yoga for … Continue reading Intention

But why?

At some point, we stop asking Why? And we start telling, instead. We layer on the scripts that have been handed down to us. We shrug our shoulders and say, “because that is the way it is.” We reinforce the way it is every time we retell it. Then, from these overly simplistic constructs, judgment … Continue reading But why?


I see you, mama, taking in too much. Holding space for so many. Hoping that, like water, it will roll off of you. There’s a certain look around your eyes; a weariness that overcasts the usual sparkle. Let it. Rest. Mulch that over. Stand in the glow of the moon. Let the sky take it. … Continue reading Mama


Sometimes I catch myself faking it. Our culture makes this popular through sayings like, Fake it ’til you make it. Then, it penalizes us for being inauthentic. Inauthenticity is one of many scarlet letters we talk a lot about but poorly understand. I suspect we poorly understand it, because I see how we have weaponized … Continue reading Faking

Acts of Love

This is a sweet, simple piece that might resonate this time of year; it’s another old draft, this one from December 20, 2015. When I was younger, I routinely sent out cards, letters, and other thoughtful representations of my affection. I enjoyed it very much. I still do, but now it’s a rare luxury from … Continue reading Acts of Love