Where’s the Heart?

I am as earnest as they come, even in my irreverent moments. It is a character trait I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to dodge. Now, in my forties, it’s a friend, and because of it, I trust myself. I know I’m doing a good enough job, most of the time, to seek to … Continue reading Where’s the Heart?


Be a song bird. Not too loud. Not too pretty, and not too proud. Not the softest, nor the lowest. Yes, a happy bird, a bluebird. A happy, blue bird. Be a puppet. Be my puppet; not too brazen, nor coy. Tell the stories. Tell them my way. Only my way, today. I can’t hear yours. Through … Continue reading Poisonous


I spend a lot of time online. I also enjoy a full life, offline. Once in a while, I scroll across something that sticks, and worms around in my offline thoughts, for longer than usual. This image has been with me for days. I can’t shake it. I also can’t find the artist who created it. Of … Continue reading Love


Today, I write about women of spirit. I’ve met prophets and clairvoyants, salt of the earth, the ornate dressed in flowers, the meek and the mild. I’ve met the fool, the sage, and the dignified rising. I’ve sat quietly with those for whom all has toppled, role obsolete. I am not talking about myself. I … Continue reading Force