Sparkle II

We see a strong woman, and we say, she is so strong. We see a happy woman, and we say, she is so happy. Turn once clockwise, loose before we catch it, Not real. The frown rolls up, unleashed from somewhere deep, and shakes your head on its way to your lips. Or dim, suddenly … Continue reading Sparkle II

Full Moon

Big moon, guide me home. Tonight, we ate salmon and caprese salad, strawberries, and watermelon. We petted a well-muscled, healthy dog with a permanent grin. We sat with kind people who offered their great depth and breadth of soul–really sweet people, who actually delighted in my children’s laughter just as much as my husband and I … Continue reading Full Moon


The sun’s light hits us all at once, but sometimes we just aren’t sure. We make our own bright. We raise our own sparkle. Just in case. And we do burn brightly. Right into our own tender little hearts. Hardened hearts. Command the light. Climb. Then we see her shining, and we see her shining, … Continue reading Sparkle


I have worked with people in suffering for the last twenty years of my life. I’ve written here before, about how illness is the great equalizer. People of all size, shape, and identifier–visible or invisible, succumb to disease. People of all walk suffer from pain, morbidity, and mortality. People from all walk find themselves in … Continue reading Woodpeckers


Social media wasn’t always a part of my life, as in, it didn’t exist when I was a child. What is the verdict several years later? What is its place? That answer is easy, I enjoy it very much, and I don’t care about it at all. Without it, I am equally happy. In the … Continue reading Gravitas

Lost and Found

You can lose your nerve, and you can lose your heart. You can lose your point, and you can lose your way. You can lose your mind, and your place in line. Over the course of your life, you can lose it all. When you are being asked to do what you don’t want to … Continue reading Lost and Found

Soft Sunday

I turn forty one this month. I’m excited to turn forty one. Every year I grow older, and calmer, and more comfortable with the version of myself that is neither calm nor comfortable, is a win. Also, as I age, my husband ages. I’ve always had a thing for distinguished older men. Don’t tell him … Continue reading Soft Sunday