I haven’t posted about race or the Black Lives Matter movement for a while. And it’s pretty common that we white folks will join the dialogue and discourse vigorously when it’s popular, then hit a wall of discomfort and freeze up or abandon the work entirely. Doing the work to lateralize power, resources and privilege … Continue reading Relinquish

Pandemic Curation #4

I’m so excited by some of the things coming out of my mouth today that I can’t wait to jump in. But first, the news is full of new personal stories and sad, frightening new understandings of this virus every morning. Business owners and families are struggling with the financial impact. And some business owners … Continue reading Pandemic Curation #4

Rumpled Covers

Always evolving means always shifting. As I say that, I am overcome by felt remembrance of tiredness. It’s tiring to grow, and it’s important to find a pace for growth that doesn’t cause constant road rash. This morning I walked past my bed, touched by morning sun, and I smiled at the picture of rumpled … Continue reading Rumpled Covers

Read Gently

There’s something I’d like my readers to know. Writing is risky. It reveals parts of myself I do not even know yet, and others you or I will presume to know that are not what they appear to be. I do not overthink it. My mentors were courageous and instilled that in me. I am … Continue reading Read Gently

Epic Fails

This post is not about bread, but right this very minute I’m eating a paleo English Muffin. Do you know how good real English Muffins are? When I stopped eating gluten ten years ago, I thought it would be a short-lived thing my doctor was having me try on a whim. It wasn’t. Gluten + … Continue reading Epic Fails