There are things we all want to believe and Believe In. We want to, and I would argue need to, believe in one another…that we are all bringing the very best we have to give to each encounter. That is our unicorn story; that our highest selves are the ones we bring to our parenting, our … Continue reading Inconvenient


I struggle with Western adaptations of yoga. I practice yoga in the West. I teach yoga in the West. I live my life in symbiosis with something that is so clearly laced with painful complexity, that sometimes I can’t breathe. Ha ha. Get it? I feel it is wrong when Western teachers adapt yoga for … Continue reading Intention

Kindness Is Not A Choice; It’s An Action

Teach your children. Teach your friends. Teach your parents. Remind yourselves. Kindness is not magic. It’s not a feeling. It’s not something you contemplate in order to feel better about yourself. Compassion and caring are feelings. Kind words and kind acts comprise kindness. Kindness is risk taking, and kindness is bravery. Sometimes kindness feels so different and maybe even … Continue reading Kindness Is Not A Choice; It’s An Action


Make a statement of clarity by listening first. Be kind and you will never be lost. You can jump to conclusions and reactions, but you can also jump to the heart of a matter. You have to listen first. You have to make a clearing of kindness–a space that feels safe and just. Clear it … Continue reading Clear