Trigger warning for my BIPOC friends; this is a letter to white peers looking for entry points into anti-racism work and includes racist language. What game can I use to stand in for and explore the concept? I’ll try football. Our team has the ball, then your team has the ball. We run at each … Continue reading Outrageous


This is a risky piece to write. Nerves are raw here in the US. I am experiencing many simultaneous feelings. I’m repurposing an original piece I shared on a social media platform yesterday, adding minor edits. I’m not writing to anyone in particular. As usual, I’m sharing my sociology-minded lens to the trends I’m seeing … Continue reading Distress

Holding on

HONESTLY…I can’t breathe very well today and I can’t tell if there’s more smoke in my house, or my glasses are just really dirty, or if the light is filtered by the haze and making an optical illusion in here. All three. It’s all three. My unrelenting headache lets me know it’s really bad, and … Continue reading Holding on


Fridays are for fortitude. It’s important to protect hope…to keep it in sight. Maybe it’s hard to access right now, and that’s ok. Today I had these thoughts: racial reconciliation is slow, but it’s birthing. The body (our country) is in shock–and pain. Some of us are just experiencing the first sense of pain and … Continue reading Fortitude

The Data Doesn’t Pan Out?

Um…ok, I give up. I thought I was done posting on anti-racism, because it’s time to stop enabling. I’m not the white fragility whisperer. It’s not my job to entice or cajole you to do your own anti-racism work, white peers–and especially white female peers. My words clog up the space that rightfully belongs to … Continue reading The Data Doesn’t Pan Out?

It’s time

Sometimes, when nothing makes sense at all and the world is in flames, things are crystal fucking clear. We need more than love. We need aggressive, shameless love. Are you tired? I’m tired. But I’m also on fire. Aggressive. And shameless. Love shows up like a hurricane, a pound of feathers, and a ton of … Continue reading It’s time


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~Marie Curie   Can we track down the exact moment in history, or her writings that prove this was said? And if so, is the meaning we make from … Continue reading Grace