Wild Bouquet

Keep friends in your life who do not douse your passions; people who can look you in the eye and permit you to be you. No matter how you are showing up, whatever relative version of you is moving through your life’s circumstances the very best way possible. People who want you to be false … Continue reading Wild Bouquet


Boundaries. The theme is coming up for me in my relationships, work, and even the tarot cards I pull. I didn’t pick this lesson; it seems to be choosing me. I am grateful for the loving, accountable and patient people in my life. I’ve not always had that, and I fondly remember and honor those … Continue reading Boundaried

But why?

At some point, we stop asking Why? And we start telling, instead. We layer on the scripts that have been handed down to us. We shrug our shoulders and say, “because that is the way it is.” We reinforce the way it is every time we retell it. Then, from these overly simplistic constructs, judgment … Continue reading But why?


I see you, mama, taking in too much. Holding space for so many. Hoping that, like water, it will roll off of you. There’s a certain look around your eyes; a weariness that overcasts the usual sparkle. Let it. Rest. Mulch that over. Stand in the glow of the moon. Let the sky take it. … Continue reading Mama

Acts of Love

This is a sweet, simple piece that might resonate this time of year; it’s another old draft, this one from December 20, 2015. When I was younger, I routinely sent out cards, letters, and other thoughtful representations of my affection. I enjoyed it very much. I still do, but now it’s a rare luxury from … Continue reading Acts of Love

Clear Heart

This is another old draft, chosen from April of 2017 and dusted off for you to use. May it help you feel less lonely in our current season of darker days. “The holiest spot on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” — A Course in Miracles. I follow a musician, Girish, … Continue reading Clear Heart