Acts of Love

This is a sweet, simple piece that might resonate this time of year; it’s another old draft, this one from December 20, 2015. When I was younger, I routinely sent out cards, letters, and other thoughtful representations of my affection. I enjoyed it very much. I still do, but now it’s a rare luxury from … Continue reading Acts of Love

Clear Heart

This is another old draft, chosen from April of 2017 and dusted off for you to use. May it help you feel less lonely in our current season of darker days. “The holiest spot on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” — A Course in Miracles. I follow a musician, Girish, … Continue reading Clear Heart

Like Water

Her words fall softly on my ears, like water lapping at the shore. I’ve heard her before. Different, but very much the same. Her decisions to parent the way she wanted to didn’t work for the baby. Or they didn’t work for her. They didn’t work. She’s got some thing she made up, her parenting. … Continue reading Like Water


Make a statement of clarity by listening first. Be kind and you will never be lost. You can jump to conclusions and reactions, but you can also jump to the heart of a matter. You have to listen first. You have to make a clearing of kindness–a space that feels safe and just. Clear it … Continue reading Clear

There’s a Point

My left trapezius appears to be made of driftwood today. The pain is remarkable, and it’s up into my neck and down into my back. My self care has been interrupted by grief again, that process by which obscene, crushing sadness is simmered and nurtured into something useful. I think. We’re a family in vigil … Continue reading There’s a Point