Meet Susan

(From May 2018) Sometimes, the things I study and write about are so heavy, heady, and effective in striking the discord of dissonance that I can’t stand it. Composting existential dysphoria into nourishment is one of my gifts…but there are times this other thing comes out of me. Susan. Her name is Susan. My brain … Continue reading Meet Susan


My son is six. We are going through some very typical age-related, developmental woes. On top of that, we are going through your garden variety middle-aged family woes. All the songs are right — life is hard and life is beautiful. Today I tripped and fell into something that seemed useful. There are so many good tools … Continue reading HASTY

You get to fan ONE flame.

Teachers, parents, employers, healthcare providers, and gurus: I’m talking to you. Each child, student, employee, or person in your tutelage looks to you for guidance. Why did you go into teaching, management, parenting, or healing? I bet it was not to broadcast bitterness, burnout, negativity, or constrained thinking onto humanity. I imagine you were once full … Continue reading You get to fan ONE flame.


He’s always been a sweaty kid; a hot sleeper with wet hair, wrapped so tightly around me that I know I’m in the exactly right place. Now he’s bigger. It’s summer and we live in the desert. We curl up on the couch to peruse the very complicated rules of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. … Continue reading Sweaty