Yelling Buddha

A New Archetype:  When I am not a shanti ninja, I am the opposite.  I am The Yelling Buddha.  The Yelling Buddha came to me one day and liberated me from the modern expectations showered upon my gender and generation.  That sweet day, time came to a screeching halt when it dawned on me that Buddha did not have … Continue reading Yelling Buddha


It is late.  I have raked over the financial situation.  Having not won the powerball, it’s time to get serious.  When you make the decision to close your private practice, and drastically minimize healthcare insurance billing, it appears that money does not flow magically into your bank account.  It cannot, therefore, pay your student loans. … Continue reading 120


Today was stressful.  I worked hard, swam through a sea of scary stuff, owned all of my sloppy human joe reactions, and then I taught a BIG yoga class of k-4th graders.  In that class, I tried something new, and solved a problem I’ve been ticking on.  Shanti ninja skills to the rescue!  Gave today a … Continue reading Contraband

le fromage

Digestive processes.  Yeah, let’s go there.  So really, I could have called my blog “The fart opens.”  In fact, if you talk to any one person from my life, he or she would be able to tell you at least 3 weird eating habits I have, 3 digestive problems I have, and a litany of ever … Continue reading le fromage


In 2016 I will eat more vegetables, drink more water, and exercise more.  I will eat fewer chocolate-covered gluten-free pretzels.  I will rest more, aim for a 9:30 bedtime, and read for enjoyment.  I will be mindful to appreciate my children, my husband, and my home.  I will swear less (at my children, my husband, … Continue reading Shananana


This thing happened on Sunday.  I found myself lying splat on my back in my front yard, looking up at the bright blue sky, through the kiwi green leaves of our big big tree, with the sun probing through just enough that I still had to squint.  It was spectacular. Less spectacular:  I was still in my pajamas, … Continue reading Starfish


I just spent about 30 minutes pondering what kind of dog would be most compatible with my lifestyle.  Shamelessly wasted time.  It’s Sunday.  I already have a dog.  Admittedly, she’s in the last leg of the race, gently drifting down like a golden leaf.  We’ve already decided we’ll try life dogless for a while after she leaves … Continue reading Daydreaming

Easy, baby.

Moments where it is easy.  They’re hard to come by.  I can honestly say I’ve not had but a few.  There are stories there – about how people make their own struggle.  Sometimes.  But other times, it’s just that things are hard. I’ve been doing something new.  It’s scary.  Well, actually, the new thing isn’t … Continue reading Easy, baby.

Lima Beans

Finding myself lately on the other side of the tunnel, where there is light.  Feeling balance, and hope, IN SPITE OF the days I am utterly and horribly human and messing up all around.  That feels like success.  And nothing’s REALLY changed.  My heart is just a little softer; I have found a soft spot in the junk … Continue reading Lima Beans