Broader, Softer

Hello! Some of you know I’ve been writing on Medium, in addition to The Heart Opens. Here are a few housekeeping tips for followers: First, I’ll be writing almost everything on The Heart Opens and then importing the posts into Medium, so you will not miss much. On Medium, I will be posting from behind … Continue reading Broader, Softer

What if?

What if, one day, you were walking down the hall, and the last little bit of bullshit, which kept you from being happy, just fell right out of your pocket, and you were done with it? And you began to feel what could only be described as a concrete and absolute love, so unabashedly, that you … Continue reading What if?


When you fear you are too much, or that it is the wrong time, take heart. It may be there is no vase that can hold you. The sun won’t scold you. You’re a wildflower, be free. Continue reading Wild


This bird. Let’s talk about him a second. So, he was supposed to be a hen. He was the most lovable chick of the four we got, and came toward Cole and Riley’s little eager hands more often than the others. I panicked a little when I saw his neck feathers coming in long and … Continue reading #lovewins


Self Love. Self Care. Not the same thing. I mean, you can love yourself ’til you’re blue in the face, and yet, if you do not commit your time, money (usually at least a little bit), and conscious effort to actions, you will leave yourself in the dust. Huh. To be fair, you can also pour … Continue reading Magic