Room to Move

How does one reach, and grow, even as one is falling? When a pebble is dropped into deep waters, gravity takes over until it comes to rest, wherever it may. In the cold, in the dark, in the quiet, at the bottom, one can still lift one arm, put out a hand, and see it … Continue reading Room to Move

Hail Mary

This is a frustrated political piece. Scroll on if you must, because sometimes we must. But if you’re feeling as equally angry as I am today, please do read on. I’m not done being angry. If you want to know how I really feel about this issue, alongside all the love and inclusion I take … Continue reading Hail Mary

The Thing About Love

If you’ve been following the story of my rooster and I, you’ll appreciate this latest tale in the saga. If you haven’t been following this particular storyline, well, maybe read on anyway, because really, this post is about love. Because of this little bird, I’m relearning, and possibly understanding for the fist time, that the … Continue reading The Thing About Love


I see ads telling us we can thrive. I love the work people are doing now. At the same time, I think paying for access to our inherent grit, something that is already ours, is a drag. The indomitable human spirit has somehow become a product. It’s ok, though, because somehow, we lose track of it. … Continue reading Impotent


Do not go gentle. Yes–pray, and walk shanti, talk shanti, be shanti, om. Yes, indeed, be kind–but do you remember the poem by Dylan Thomas? I do. I think about it all the time. Today, my friends are lit up. Others are looking away from the blaze, waiting for something to stir inside. Some, sadly, … Continue reading Orwellian