I see ads telling us we can thrive. I love the work people are doing now. At the same time, I think paying for access to our inherent grit, something that is already ours, is a drag. The indomitable human spirit has somehow become a product. It’s ok, though, because somehow, we lose track of it. … Continue reading Impotent


Do not go gentle. Yes–pray, and walk shanti, talk shanti, be shanti, om. Yes, indeed, be kind–but do you remember the poem by Dylan Thomas? I do. I think about it all the time. Today, my friends are lit up. Others are looking away from the blaze, waiting for something to stir inside. Some, sadly, … Continue reading Orwellian

Fully Entitled

Entitle. to give a title to :  designate to furnish with proper grounds for seeking or claiming something entitle s the bearer to free admission> Entitlement. a :  the state or condition of being entitled :  right b :  a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract a government program providing benefits to members … Continue reading Fully Entitled

Vanilla 1

Bourbon vanilla rolls off the tongue. Sweet softness, sticky promise. Empty velvet, smooth. Entrancing, hypnotic, compass turns to chaos, no true north. Tilted, through the looking glass I do not see you so. Your threats, your aberration, no. Hollow hope, thinly pasted upon the breath of beasts. Looming brightness take flight, for this tunnel has … Continue reading Vanilla 1


There is pain, and then there is pain. Tomorrow marks one year since my childhood friend lost her son, after an intoxicated man drove into his car. He was eighteen. This loss has swallowed her whole. Over the past year, we have talked the beauty and crazy of life and God and everything in between. … Continue reading Up


I’m restless and so I walk the dog. We sprint some blocks, jog others. I walk back in, shake off my coat, and hang it up. I sit down. I stand back up, and pace in a circle. My brow is furrowed, and so I notice that and lie down to breathe. I stretch. My surly … Continue reading Unfurrowed


If you made a chute in the shape of a parabola, and you took a shiny marble, and placed it gently into the mouth of one end, you would watch it roll fast and cross over the axis of symmetry. Then, it would fight against gravity, and complete it’s roll upward until inevitably, gravity would … Continue reading Parabola