Today, I was walking in the sun to meet a friend. A few tears threatened to free themselves, and I asked them to come out through mindful breathing instead. The tears are helpful, and sometimes I’m not ready. I had walked past a specific street and felt overwhelmed by a memory of walking down that … Continue reading Feeling

Opportunity Knocks

This is a previously published piece that was updated for Medium and posted there for Medium members on February 27, 2018. It’s returning here to rest on The Heart Opens for my followers, and the people who have seen this story through it’s various transformations. For that followership and encouragement, I thank you. Copper over … Continue reading Opportunity Knocks


Buddy check time. We’ve had two youth suicides in one week here in Central Oregon. When the mind is sinking into a story of its own demise, it’s a long long way to the bottom. By that I mean it takes a very long time to hit solid ground, where things are still dark and … Continue reading United


A friend’s mom died a few years back. The diorama my mind has reserved just for her is overflowing with music and color. And glitter. At the celebration of her life, I cried. I laughed. Mostly, I nodded. Her children thoughtfully painted a story that included all of her. All of her. My husband’s aunt told … Continue reading Sweetness


When you’ve trudged, and pushed, and done all you can, take rest. When you feel the muscles across the front of your body bracing for the next hit, let them melt back into softness. When you lock onto the ugliness of what is standing in front of you, and it starts to agitate the protective … Continue reading Melt

No Time

I went to the Women’s March on Seattle, with my nine and a half year old daughter. I marched because I want her to look back and remember being a part of the history this country is laying down, right now. Freedom of speech matters. Democracy matters. How we choose to live, as a family, … Continue reading No Time