Take AIR for Yourself First, if you Work with ACEs, Trauma and Resilience.

This week I spoke at a Trauma, Healing and Resiliency Conference where a colleague asked a great question–not a new question, but a great question. I’ll paraphrase here to the best of my ability: When we work with people going through difficult circumstances; court proceedings, trauma, recovery from alcohol or drug addictions, and we tend to … Continue reading Take AIR for Yourself First, if you Work with ACEs, Trauma and Resilience.


It is not respect for the vulnerable, the powerful, or those in between; it is respect for yourself. It is not love for your family, your pets, your clientele, or your friends; it is love for yourself. It is not patience with those outside of you; it is patience with and for yourself. Personal devotion … Continue reading Patience


It’s an easy concept. Reclaim what was taken from you, what you accidentally gave away, or what you lost. It’s not easy in action, though, and we all get stumped at How? We roll on anyway, carrying it in the places where our wholeness used to be. How? fills our pockets and shines through those holes … Continue reading Reclaim

Steadily Whiling

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I sit down and catalogue what I’m doing with my time since I closed my psychiatric practice, and I’ve never felt more certain that I am walking slowly in circles. Many circles. Today I am writing it all down and sharing it, because when people ask me what I am doing … Continue reading Steadily Whiling


When the going gets tough… Well, it’s already tough. A significant portion of us have experienced trauma, traumas, or chronic stress. Some of us have experienced them early, repetitively, and often. Trauma disrupts our ability to lay down healthy roots. We can call it personality disorder, PTSD, adverse childhood experiences, and/or attachment dysregulation. We can call … Continue reading Dig

Heart on Hiatus

We spiral in, and we spiral out. If we pay attention and listen to where we are best served and therefore most of service, we can follow the urge to spiral in and then follow the urge to spiral back out. It’s time for this girl to spiral in. It’s time to turn the garden … Continue reading Heart on Hiatus