Some things carry an inherent, non-negotiable weight no one person has the right to redistribute. And the intersection of these two ideas: the preservation of what is and should remain inherent, and preventing their inequitable redistribution is where we shape our legacies. Dignity. Worthiness. Accountability. It’s inevitable that survival mentality stirs in our mammalian brains, … Continue reading Rebounding


People leave. Sometimes it’s because their time in this life is done. They go, like my father did, into that place where we can still feel their presence but only in a certain new way that’s never quite enough. Sometimes our time together goes short, though we planned on it being much longer. A handful … Continue reading Depths


This is a risky piece to write. Nerves are raw here in the US. I am experiencing many simultaneous feelings. I’m repurposing an original piece I shared on a social media platform yesterday, adding minor edits. I’m not writing to anyone in particular. As usual, I’m sharing my sociology-minded lens to the trends I’m seeing … Continue reading Distress


I haven’t posted about race or the Black Lives Matter movement for a while. And it’s pretty common that we white folks will join the dialogue and discourse vigorously when it’s popular, then hit a wall of discomfort and freeze up or abandon the work entirely. Doing the work to lateralize power, resources and privilege … Continue reading Relinquish

Holding on

HONESTLY…I can’t breathe very well today and I can’t tell if there’s more smoke in my house, or my glasses are just really dirty, or if the light is filtered by the haze and making an optical illusion in here. All three. It’s all three. My unrelenting headache lets me know it’s really bad, and … Continue reading Holding on


Sitting with many emotions these days. Things coming and going, bubbling up and occasionally spilling over. It’s been a summer of loss. Two women from different families, who will not be able to hug their sisters again. Two moms who each left a legacy of laughter and striving in spite of adversity. Mentors and friends. … Continue reading Tending


Fridays are for fortitude. It’s important to protect hope…to keep it in sight. Maybe it’s hard to access right now, and that’s ok. Today I had these thoughts: racial reconciliation is slow, but it’s birthing. The body (our country) is in shock–and pain. Some of us are just experiencing the first sense of pain and … Continue reading Fortitude


(Editing to add: The lens I predominantly write from is one that intends to be BIPOC affirming, though I understand intent does not always correlate to supportive impact. I am open to clarification of biases I may reveal in my writing. Blunt responses are welcome here.) Hi all. It’s become shockingly clear that we have … Continue reading Smoldering