A – Ask don’t Assume.  You will never, in your wildest dreams, imagine what your child is thinking, doing, or feeling.  If you think you can read his or her mind, you are actually reading your own mind.  If you wait, and listen, you will meet your child as she is in the flesh, not … Continue reading Jerkweed

Eff Loving Kindness (In the words of an anonymous associate one particularly dreary evening.)

In Loving Kindness, or Metta meditation, we’re supposed to wish people well, including the assholes who cut us off in traffic and the ones who don’t clean up after their dogs. It’s a method to contribute to the healing of the collective; raising our own vibration in the process. It might allow us to, over … Continue reading Eff Loving Kindness (In the words of an anonymous associate one particularly dreary evening.)

Yelling Buddha

A New Archetype:  When I am not a shanti ninja, I am the opposite.  I am The Yelling Buddha.  The Yelling Buddha came to me one day and liberated me from the modern expectations showered upon my gender and generation.  That sweet day, time came to a screeching halt when it dawned on me that Buddha did not have … Continue reading Yelling Buddha


Today was stressful.  I worked hard, swam through a sea of scary stuff, owned all of my sloppy human joe reactions, and then I taught a BIG yoga class of k-4th graders.  In that class, I tried something new, and solved a problem I’ve been ticking on.  Shanti ninja skills to the rescue!  Gave today a … Continue reading Contraband


In 2016 I will eat more vegetables, drink more water, and exercise more.  I will eat fewer chocolate-covered gluten-free pretzels.  I will rest more, aim for a 9:30 bedtime, and read for enjoyment.  I will be mindful to appreciate my children, my husband, and my home.  I will swear less (at my children, my husband, … Continue reading Shananana

Doing the Awesome

Throwing my smartphone into a nest of stinging insects, after I’ve caught myself pinning fonts off Creative Market, before 8 am.  (Because who doesn’t need to hoard fonts at the start of each day?)  Making jokes when I feel like being a jerk.  Being soft when I want to be hard.  Doing yoga, early in … Continue reading Doing the Awesome


This is not about plants.  I just wanted to use the word suck in the title.  What sucks?  There is so much to do.  So. Much. To do.  I have not shaved my legs, but I overdid my eyebrows.  Middle ground is somewhere in there, colonized by dust mites and maybe visible through the bald … Continue reading Succulents

Working Girl

I try to write about my relationship with work carefully.  My patients are, after all, people out there in the real world.  And I am, oddly, just a person out in the real world.  And, well, patients may come across my blog.  Hmm.  Plus, writing means putting on some brave anyway.  It’s a little scary. … Continue reading Working Girl