Rural Tensions

2 thoughts on “Rural Tensions”

  1. I have two thoughts for you, my favorite niece. The first is: have you heard of a book called “Radical Dharma”? The need to stand up despite the discomfort is what I’ve gleaned from it so far. There may very well be more.

    And second, can you say more about how conservative and dismissive/judgmental are separate and yet interwoven? I can grok the separate, but are you saying they are always interwoven or just in your neck of the woods?

    Props for continuing to explore. Even with a hot dog next to you.

  2. Hello, my favorite uncle. I have not heard of Radical Dharma. I will add it to my list, and the recommendation feels timely. The work of standing up despite the discomfort is definitely a driving force for me. You’ve seen that in action, and I appreciate your constant encouragement, as well as Sheila’s.

    Regarding the second question–I don’t feel conservative values and judgment are inherently or always interwoven. We have had a significant rupture of trust in our community, that clarifies how willing people are to couch judgment and intolerance beneath “conservative values.”

    Happily, I could clarify the wording above to read, “For some, they’ve interwoven,” but I’ll leave it for now because I’d initially written, “in some circles they’ve interwoven,” but it didn’t feel true based on what I’ve experienced. I sat for a very long time and tried to identify one conservative friend who wasn’t disturbed by either homosexuality, transgender, Black Lives Matter, equity and diversity concepts, or care for refugees. I felt like writing “in some circles” was my effort to keep my optimistic delusion alive, that there are conservatives who are welcoming of all neighbors. I know they are out there, and perhaps that’s what disturbs me most, is that I have yet to find them in my journeying. I trust it will happen though, as I continue to push out into the world and broaden my own experience of this country and society.

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