No Apologies

Writing is a craft, like most others. You sit down with raw material and you smear it around a little. Grammar is glue. Sometimes you get it on yourself. The work is always good enough. Sometimes it releases a tear, or a sigh, or adds a spring to your step for a day. Once in … Continue reading No Apologies


It’s an easy concept. Reclaim what was taken from you, what you accidentally gave away, or what you lost. It’s not easy in action, though, and we all get stumped at How? We roll on anyway, carrying it in the places where our wholeness used to be. How? fills our pockets and shines through those holes … Continue reading Reclaim

Steadily Whiling

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I sit down and catalogue what I’m doing with my time since I closed my psychiatric practice, and I’ve never felt more certain that I am walking slowly in circles. Many circles. Today I am writing it all down and sharing it, because when people ask me what I am doing … Continue reading Steadily Whiling


What is the point? That question is one step toward the spins. Need there be a point? And if so, what’s the rubric? Who is the expert that deems there is, or needs to be, a point? We are the makers of our own, arbitrary mazes. Then we set out to run them as fast as … Continue reading Kryptonite