Chapter 1: Balance, Pivot Every bad deed, crossed line, horrid thought, and glorious mistake counts. Every shared fallacy, loosened worry, and freed secret lightens your load–at first. It’s ok to give air to the truth, even if you immediately wish you could swallow it right back up. Life is spent accumulating the heavy, working to lighten it, … Continue reading Immeasurable

A Suicide PSA

Hey everybody out there, I’ve come across multiple posts the last couple days, of people who are voicing thoughts about death, and/or wanting to die. This is one of those hard times of year, for so many reasons. When I practiced psychiatry, this is the time of year when people had anxiety or mania go … Continue reading A Suicide PSA


In the great story of the United States of America, there are many dialectical quandaries we are too prideful to let lie. Rather than soften into the discomfort of mutual truths, and the freedom that comes from letting oneself be ok with not fully understanding concepts too large to grapple with, we want one truth, or … Continue reading Insurmountable

Right Through

Pick a door, any door, plain or ornate. Make it in your mind, so that when you open that door, boldly and without hesitation, you find the rest of your entire self, resting in cast off parts. Make it be, that you are decisively looking in on the residue of your life, immediately accessible, with no nonsense, … Continue reading Right Through

Heart on Hiatus

Hello all, and thank you. Thank you for reading, laughing, supporting, challenging me, and otherwise engaging. Life is good, summer is coming, and it is a perfect opportunity to take a brief hiatus from even the loveliest of endeavors, right before the launch of essentially living outside for the next several months. Also, the dog, … Continue reading Heart on Hiatus

Tolerance, Boundaries, and Managing Emotions: An Exercise

You may have clicked on this because you are wondering about all this “tolerance” talk. Perhaps your millenial niece did not come to the family reunion, because she doesn’t like your talk about “those people.” (You know, people who are different from you.) Maybe you’ve been called a racist, or a bigot. Whatever the case … Continue reading Tolerance, Boundaries, and Managing Emotions: An Exercise

An Exercise

When you get out of the shower, you can throw on some clothes and run on with your day, or you can spend two extra minutes. During those moments well-spent, you can appreciate the way the light, the mirror, and your skin make a picture, of even just a part of you. You can borrow the … Continue reading An Exercise