A friend’s mom died a few years back. The diorama my mind has reserved just for her is overflowing with music and color. And glitter. At the celebration of her life, I cried. I laughed. Mostly, I nodded. Her children thoughtfully painted a story that included all of her. All of her. My husband’s aunt told … Continue reading Sweetness


resonating bone ache; deep, familiar. too much too fast too dark; pressing in. remember. seeds, central, glowing. petals golden. twice constrained, it’s not grey we seek. It’s green. Between us, soft green space our weary hearts pursue.   Photograph: Tanya’s late night colored pencil frenzy, Sphere of Influence. Continue reading Green


the more we fill the space we inhabit without shame or malice the more we cast blooms when once spent nourish us all. the more we feed on the shared sun, water, and soil, the more we synchronize with those around us. the more that happens the deeper our roots grow and we come to … Continue reading Roses


My daughter and I went to the store today. We went to look at legos. Sometimes we just go hang out in the Lego aisle…for a very long time. I wandered over one aisle. These days I aim to spend most of my time in beginner’s mind. There’s no need to walk around missing out … Continue reading Imprinted

Starfish II

I’ve been going to bed early. Daylight Savings Time has ended, and so has my youngest child’s easy rhythm. We’ve been fighting bedtime, waking up before 6, and slumping into large, tired, soupy messes after school. We’re all tired. In fact, my husband keeps saying things like, “I just don’t understand why I’m so tired.” … Continue reading Starfish II