Social media wasn’t always a part of my life, as in, it didn’t exist when I was a child. What is the verdict several years later? What is its place? That answer is easy, I enjoy it very much, and I don’t care about it at all. Without it, I am equally happy. In the … Continue reading Gravitas

Lost and Found

You can lose your nerve, and you can lose your heart. You can lose your point, and you can lose your way. You can lose your mind, and your place in line. Over the course of your life, you can lose it all. When you are being asked to do what you don’t want to … Continue reading Lost and Found

Soft Sunday

I turn forty one this month. I’m excited to turn forty one. Every year I grow older, and calmer, and more comfortable with the version of myself that is neither calm nor comfortable, is a win. Also, as I age, my husband ages. I’ve always had a thing for distinguished older men. Don’t tell him … Continue reading Soft Sunday


You don’t have to like me. I don’t have to like you. You don’t have to think I’m smart, funny, or useful. I don’t have to find you witty, entertaining, or competent. I am an idiot, and you are an idiot, and we both have an entire life of experiences that would indicate neither of … Continue reading Purple

As American as…

Soft little whispers, of work to be done. Wherever it flares up, that’s where I’ve gone. In the middle of a baking pie, you find sweet, steady bubbling. Stepping out, to the exterior, heat has firmed things. In parts, if it’s left untended, your eyes worry over dry brown crust. Spots char, too. Journey to the … Continue reading As American as…

Coin toss, go!

We can escape from uncomfortable moments, or escape into them. Let the spiders on our frustration free, or hold them all, for a rainy day? We can celebrate the success of others, and be inspired by it, or we can be consumed by it, and conspire in competition. There is only room for one queen? … Continue reading Coin toss, go!