Practice. Get a small cup of water. When you are rattled and torn, it’s time to rest. It’s hard for the rattled and torn to rest. If you can’t rest, take a sip of water. Turn off your friendly doodads. Right there, from the comfort of your couch, sans doodads… Put your hands on your … Continue reading Rattled


A part of me doesn’t believe in love. If you know me, that certainly does not fit neatly. But when you work in neurobiology and medicine, you start to think about love in terms of needs met, and the allostasis of organisms. You learn to love the cells. In the boggy middle, my layman’s brain held … Continue reading Cellular


In the professional world–the educated, organized, and well-resourced world, we shape things with lingo. We call something by a new name, and then we can work with it differently. We aim to out-think things that don’t know how to think. We measure, analyze, ponder, brainstorm, apply, and reiterate the cycle. We endeavor to deconstruct and … Continue reading Awareness


Let’s talk about hate. It’s like coal. You put it under pressure and it comes out harder, and brighter–not in a good way. Hold your hate up. Air your hate. That is how you transmute your hate. Keep it right where it belongs, locked with precision onto the thing that evoked your ferocity. And then–instead … Continue reading Midwifery


We stir it, and it gets air, and it settles and composts down. We plant it, and we harvest it, and we eat what we need. We share. We turn it under and mix it; we cover it over, and we let it settle. Blanketed, heavy, decomposing into the smallest parts–until it’s time to stir … Continue reading Air


Put marbles in a can and shake them. Or BB’s. Or bees. That’s us. Over any issue, we crawl into our cans, and we let the issue shake us, and we make noise. Noise like marbles, BB’s, or bees. All the social media outlets feel…shaken. We are shaken. All my friends, on all the sides … Continue reading Shaken


There is a warmth waiting for you. You might feel it slipping through your fingers when you need it most, or imagine it’s left altogether…but it’s still there. Your road doesn’t leave you, though you may feel lost. It is there. You may spend months or minutes off your road, but it’s there, right where … Continue reading Road