There’s a Point

My left trapezius appears to be made of driftwood today. The pain is remarkable, and it’s up into my neck and down into my back. My self care has been interrupted by grief again, that process by which obscene, crushing sadness is simmered and nurtured into something useful. I think. We’re a family in vigil … Continue reading There’s a Point

Rural Tensions

It’s sunny and hot on my head, back, and legs. I’m laying on the ground, face down, aware I’ve left my sweater on. My dog is a Northern type and shedding profusely, but he still wants to lie right by me. I put my blanket down on the grass and he plopped down. Now he’s … Continue reading Rural Tensions

You get to fan ONE flame.

Teachers, parents, employers, healthcare providers, and gurus: I’m talking to you. Each child, student, employee, or person in your tutelage looks to you for guidance. Why did you go into teaching, management, parenting, or healing? I bet it was not to broadcast bitterness, burnout, negativity, or constrained thinking onto humanity. I imagine you were once full … Continue reading You get to fan ONE flame.

Eff Loving Kindness (In the words of an anonymous associate one particularly dreary evening.)

In Loving Kindness, or Metta meditation, we’re supposed to wish people well, including the assholes who cut us off in traffic and the ones who don’t clean up after their dogs. It’s a method to contribute to the healing of the collective; raising our own vibration in the process. It might allow us to, over … Continue reading Eff Loving Kindness (In the words of an anonymous associate one particularly dreary evening.)

Opportunity Knocks

This is a previously published piece that was updated for Medium and posted there for Medium members on February 27, 2018. It’s returning here to rest on The Heart Opens for my followers, and the people who have seen this story through it’s various transformations. For that followership and encouragement, I thank you. Copper over … Continue reading Opportunity Knocks