I don’t care if you use grammar properly or if you spell every word correctly. I do my best and I make these same mistakes. I don’t care what you drop onto your plate. How tiring to police the food of others. Please don’t judge yourself against me, and I promise to do the same. … Continue reading Effervescence

A piece on White Privilege

I also share my writing on Medium, at https://medium.com/@tanyabeard. Once in a while, I accidentally put something there that’s not included in my body of work here at The Heart Opens. Here is a pdf of that piece, in case you missed it. Feel free to print it and spread it around like anti-racism confetti. Thanks for … Continue reading A piece on White Privilege


Make a statement of clarity by listening first. Be kind and you will never be lost. You can jump to conclusions and reactions, but you can also jump to the heart of a matter. You have to listen first. You have to make a clearing of kindness–a space that feels safe and just. Clear it … Continue reading Clear

There’s a Point

My left trapezius appears to be made of driftwood today. The pain is remarkable, and it’s up into my neck and down into my back. My self care has been interrupted by grief again, that process by which obscene, crushing sadness is simmered and nurtured into something useful. I think. We’re a family in vigil … Continue reading There’s a Point