Trigger warning for my BIPOC friends; this is a letter to white peers looking for entry points into anti-racism work and includes racist language. What game can I use to stand in for and explore the concept? I’ll try football. Our team has the ball, then your team has the ball. We run at each … Continue reading Outrageous

Who Am I to Say?

Who am I to say? To name something, to place a value, to determine anything at all about what’s taking place here. Here in this life, on this sphere. I don’t think we can. I cannot. These thoughts and terms, our simple human reactions. They are so silly sometimes. To experience. To face later. To … Continue reading Who Am I to Say?


Willingness to reach. Capacity. Witnessing. I’ve been thinking about friendship. Relationships. They take effort. Ideally not at the expense of oneself, but maybe sometimes outside of comfort. Imagine reaching one hand outside of one’s own awareness to receive or make a bid. A connection. A high five. Reaching out. A stretch is more than a … Continue reading Reach

Wrung out

Words can’t encompass the enormity of humankind. Our beauty or disrepair, nor the beauty of our disrepair. One concept wears the naunce of 7 billion impressions. We are hungry to assemble meaning. Classic. Cliché. True and utterly boring. Used. Repurposed. Twisting them until they are wrung out. We repeat mantras until they’re numb. We wear … Continue reading Wrung out


Some things carry an inherent, non-negotiable weight no one person has the right to redistribute. And the intersection of these two ideas: the preservation of what is and should remain inherent, and preventing their inequitable redistribution is where we shape our legacies. Dignity. Worthiness. Accountability. It’s inevitable that survival mentality stirs in our mammalian brains, … Continue reading Rebounding


People leave. Sometimes it’s because their time in this life is done. They go, like my father did, into that place where we can still feel their presence but only in a certain new way that’s never quite enough. Sometimes our time together goes short, though we planned on it being much longer. A handful … Continue reading Depths


This is a risky piece to write. Nerves are raw here in the US. I am experiencing many simultaneous feelings. I’m repurposing an original piece I shared on a social media platform yesterday, adding minor edits. I’m not writing to anyone in particular. As usual, I’m sharing my sociology-minded lens to the trends I’m seeing … Continue reading Distress