Celebrate Her

I’m writing for only half of us today; to and for women. I trust my male readers will forgive me, and you may be able to glean something from this short post as well. Celebrate her. Whatever constellation of attributes and behaviors she leaves in her wake, celebrate her. Find something you can appreciate; maybe … Continue reading Celebrate Her


Buddy check time. We’ve had two youth suicides in one week here in Central Oregon. When the mind is sinking into a story of its own demise, it’s a long long way to the bottom. By that I mean it takes a very long time to hit solid ground, where things are still dark and … Continue reading United


A friend’s mom died a few years back. The diorama my mind has reserved just for her is overflowing with music and color. And glitter. At the celebration of her life, I cried. I laughed. Mostly, I nodded. Her children thoughtfully painted a story that included all of her. All of her. My husband’s aunt told … Continue reading Sweetness


resonating bone ache; deep, familiar. too much too fast too dark; pressing in. remember. seeds, central, glowing. petals golden. twice constrained, it’s not grey we seek. It’s green. Between us, soft green space our weary hearts pursue.   Photograph: Tanya’s late night colored pencil frenzy, Sphere of Influence. Continue reading Green


the more we fill the space we inhabit without shame or malice the more we cast blooms when once spent nourish us all. the more we feed on the shared sun, water, and soil, the more we synchronize with those around us. the more that happens the deeper our roots grow and we come to … Continue reading Roses